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Sisters, thinking about hijab? Some steps to consider

December 30, 2011


Many well-meaning brothers and sisters enthusiastically point out ayat from the Qur’an and Ahadith that reveal the Islamic injunction to cover our bodies so that the maximum that may be seen are our hands and face, expecting us to just as enthusiastically accept and begin obeying this injunction. Perhaps we are convinced of the moral, […]

Tips to start wearing Hijab

December 23, 2011


1. It will feel weird when you start, no matter how excited you are. I was EXTREMELY happy with my decision, but once I started there were times when I really, really wanted to take it off. STICK IT THROUGH. No matter how badly you want to take it off in the beginning, DO NOT. […]

go to hijab outfit?!

December 10, 2011


My go-to outfit would have to be a maxi dress and a sweater with a coordinating scarf. so what is your go-to outfit?

PWC is amazing!

December 10, 2011


I am a banquet server. I do weddings, parties, conventions and all kinds of things in a banquet setting.                                                Last night at work I was wearing my hijab(of course lol) and we were hosting a christmas party for PriceWaterhouseCooper (which btw, is my FAVORITE accounting firm whom I would LOVE to work at […]

France, France, France…oh my France

December 8, 2011


I just checked on the news and France is trying, yet again, to ban all things Islamic.This time senators of the Radical Party supported by the Socialist Party aim to extend the ban on wearing the veil in nurseries and in recreation centers and resorts. The proposal also prohibits symbols or words related to religion.The escalation […]

hijab outfits..

December 4, 2011


Headcovering in Islam

November 26, 2011


The Muslim veil is often referred to as ‘hijab’, but technically hijab embodies all of how the woman dresses and even acts. I.e., to observe hijab is to observe those guidelines for modest dress and modest actions. The religious background for wearing hijab is based on a few verses from the Qur’an, and a couple […]