Reminder to self: Sadr

Posted on April 26, 2012


There’s a beautiful Afghan proverb that goes, “Ajala kaar e shaitaan ast,” which means, “Rushing is the work of Shaitaan.” This statement is said with such a small amount of words… yet it screams so much wisdom. This is a reminder to myself… to always do things with care and patience; to never rush with anything… and to always have the best intentions before I do anything at all. Reminding myself to take a deep breathe… and just absorb the energy and beauty in all that I do. What’s meant to be will always happen and what isn’t meant to be will never happen, no matter how much force and “ajala” I put into it. Allahu Alim. May Allah always guide us in all of our actions. May He bring us closer to him through everything we do, even through the breathes we take, we should take them in His name and His name only.

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