hijabis on a bike

Posted on March 4, 2012


I have epilepsy and because of that I choose not to drive or even get my license(why get what you dont need). I get around town(and MA I live in a great city) on my bicycle. I ride my bike everyday, both for recreation/exercise and for transportation. My mom even rides with me! I have never had a problem with. Yesterday I had a brother come up to me and say salam and then he proceded to “inform” me that it is not “proper” for a muslim sister to ride a bike. I had never heard this so I asked him to explain. He said, “its not proper because when you sit on a bikecertain..areas are exposed from the back” I knew what he was talking about and could tell her was completely uncofortable even alluding to my backside lol. Normally I take advice, especially when its something I didnt know, very gracefully and usually preced to check up on it when I get a free moment. But this brother was a bit rude. he proceded to tell me that wearing a hijab and riding a bike dont go together becdause only kufr women ride bikes. I took as much as I could take from brother before telling him, “Well, thank  you brother for your concern about my modesty, BUT, I ride my bike becuase I can not drive. I can not drive because of a medical condition. There is no other person in my house that has a car, because my mother feels they are a luxury not needed when you live in the city. If Allah(swt) is the one that gave me the epielpsy preventing me from driving, I think he would give me a pass for exposing ‘certain areas’ which arent that exposed. Considering Allah(swt) provides all and he most def. provided me with this bike.”

Really! I mean its always nice to inform another brother or sister of some impoprtant information they may be lacking. But there is a big difference between informing and criticizing.

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