We are the same!

Posted on February 20, 2012


As some of you may know I come from a Jewish background. When I began to study Islam I would stop and laugh so much at the sheer similarities between Islam and Judaism. But yet the hate that some Jews and Muslims have for the other[shaking my head]. Still, to this day when I learn new things I sometimes stop and laugh to myself because it reminds me of something exactly the same or eerily similar in Judaism. I remember the first time I went to a church with my Fiancé (when Islam first entered my life and I was learning about it, I also checked into Catholicism and obviously, it was not for me lol) I remember laughing so hard and trying to stop when at the end of the LONG service everyone turned to each other and said “peace be with you”. In fact, I laugh to myself as I type this.

I could sit here and rehash the similarities between the three religions but I’m sure your aware of it, if not, just Google “similarities between Islam, Judaism & Christianity” and I’m sure you’ll pull up LOTS of information. It makes sense that they are similar, they all come from Allah/Adonai/God!

Obviously there are still significant differences that make the three religions theologically irreconcilable, hence why there are THREE religions and not ONE. The point is, instead of fighting with each other of the details of our respective religions, we should rejoice in our shared love of the one and only all-mighty G-d/Allah/Adonai/Alaha. Instead of some instant hate because “you’re not the same as me” maybe we should rejoice in our differences. I mean Allah made us nations so we may know one another.

We share the most important belief, that there is only One God, the Creator of the Universe, who is All-Powerful, Gracious and Merciful, the God of Abraham.