Tips on how to pray 5 times a day

Posted on January 21, 2012


Hi Allie! I wanted to ask you for some recommendations to make praying five times a day easier. Sometimes I pray all five prayers, other times, it seems difficult to do or I miss the timings and pray them later. I also feel very guilty when I don’t pray, especially if I hear the morning call to prayer and can’t get myself to get up and pray.

This is no excuse but my family is not very religious and no one prays. I started praying for the first time a couple of years ago and it is still a habit that I am still trying to form.

I do wish that my family members prayed because then we could encourage each other to do so. They respect me and what I do, but don’t really encourage it.

Would you have any ideas for me about how I can think to do this better. I am praying to Allah to make it easier for me, inshAllah he will.

Thanks 🙂


Salamualakum! This is such a lovely question because I myself have the same challenge and I am sure many other Muslimeen do too. When I was asking myself why it’s so difficult for me to pray, I started to do research on tips and daily applications I can add to my life to make things easier for me. I’ll let you know of some things I personally do and then at the bottom I’ll include a couple other resources for you to read up on inshAllah.

Here’s a list of ways I stay motivated to pray on time:

1. I downloaded an app on my phone (Android) that plays the adhaan at every prayer. It’s called PrayerPRO, it’s free and it’s the best prayer app I’ve ever come across. I highly recommend it.

2. When I didn’t have a smart phone and actually… even if I do, I still write down the prayer times in my agenda. You’ll never see me without an agenda, as my entire day’s tasks are always written down, including salaah. To make it even better, I specifically highlight the salaah time in a color that is different than what I would highlight other important tasks in. (Studies show that we remember things better when we write them down, which is why even if I have my phone reminding me, it’s still beneficial that I write it down)

3. Always have wudu. I am never without wudu anymore and may Allah help me to continue this habit, as it is a very vital one. Every time you go to the restroom, carry a water bottle with you and do wudu. It may sound like a small thing that may not carry much importance but I guarantee you, it will motivate you to perform salaah as you’re already halfway there! 

4. Make salaah your number one priority. In other words, work your schedule AROUND salaah times. So when you’re writing down tasks that you’d like to finish during the day, first put salaah times down and then afterwards, make plans. This will embed in your brain that salaah is the utmost priority task that you have and therefore you will start to feel as though it’s like any other task – you do it without thinking much about whether you should or not.

5. The last one is simple – make dua that Allah helps your to pray on time. You can do this after prayer or even during the day when you have time to talk to Him. He is Ar Rahman, Ar Rahim and He wants nothing more than your calling to Him, so indeed, He is the one to go to when you are in need. 

Those are my personal tips and they have helped me significantly! I also have some links that I hope you take the time to read inshAllah.

Let me know how your productivity goes! I really hope I assisted you in any way possible and if there’s anything else you need, please don’t hesitate to ask! Best of luck and may Allah make it easier for you to please Him.

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