Proof the Prophet’s marriage to Aisha was LEGAL!

Posted on January 3, 2012


I find it wierd how people refuse to understand.
First off Aisha was a suggestion by a female companion of the Prophet pbuh, Khawalh bint Hakim. The prophet did not immediately propose to Aisha, but thought for quite awhile about it. Many sources tell that the marriage was for strengthening the relationship between Muhammad pbuh and Abu Bakr.
Aisha was already engaged before to another man, Jubair ibn Mut`am, but it fell through. Tell me, how come aisha’s friends were happy for her? why did they wish her good luck? and why didn’t the prophets enemies even bring this up? because it was a common practice. in hadiths we see aisha was always happy with her marriage. Tell me how come NO ONE objected to this? The ONLY objectors are the anti islamics of today. EVEN SCHOLORS admit this was normal for that time.
Age was one of the main reasons too. People lived MAXIMUM 40-50. And there was no age of consent back then.
Also it is a known fact that hotter climates have an affect on girl’s and their maturity.
We see people around Aisha married the same age, Hala, the cousin of Amina bint Wahb was married to Abdul-Muttalib on the same day his son `Abdullah married Aminah bint Wahb who was at Hala’s same age. And Umar ibn Al-Khattab married the daughter of Ali ibn Abi Talib, while he was her grandpa’s age.
We see Abu Bakr was concerned because there was a delay of the marriage as well.
In addition to that, when Muhammad pbuh and Aisha were just married, he gave her a necklace. And when friends and family were on the move, Aisha got left behind because she lost the necklace. Not long after we see a group of men who come and ask her if she’s lost. Aish tells the men to take her to where the others are. Upon arrival, the men dropped her off and claimed that Aisha had an affair with the men, which Aisha denied. Some investigation was done and the men lied, and some sources say they were sentenced to death. So were these men also pedophiles?
Another hadith shows women going to Aisha for questions about their periods. They were directed to Aisha by Muhammad pbuh because it was embarassing for him to answer their questions in proper detail. We can clearly see Aisha was not the 6 year old of today’s society.
Aisha was highly known for her knowledge. She taught lectures, she’s responsible for many hadiths, and she was a battle commander as well. She’s known as the “Mother of Believers” because she is a perfect example of a muslim wife.
Doens’t really matter the age of the man, but 100years ago the age of consent was 10 in north america and in europe. and Delaware had it at 7.

It was considered highly shameful if you didn’t marry by 12. Even in europe this same thing applied.

When Canada was being formed, it was divided into upper and lower. The government PAID 10-13 year olds to HAVE CHILDREN to increase the population. THERE WAS ZERO objection to this by ANYONE.  Many undeveloped countries and third world places have ages of marriage between 12-15. And I do believe some US states have it at 16.

Now do not confuse it, I am in no way, saying that is a good thing for today. I wholey believe people that young, in this society, are not mature enough to handle marriage.Heck, even ‘grown’ people seem to not be able to handle marriage in this society, I mean in the US there is a 50% chance for divorce. What i am saying however, is that people need to stop trying to criticize Islam & the prophet(pbuh) by saying he was a pedophile when it was common practice around the world! Different times, different standards. Heck slavery was practiced in most places but I highly doubt most people would agree with the practice today. It’s just somthing you do. You never know, 1,000 years from now people might ask why we waited so long to get married or even why marriage was no longer a common practice.

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