New Years Resolutions…

Posted on January 1, 2012


They’re so cliche but everyone does them and most dont keep them lol. So, inspirit of ‘tradition’ here is my list of resolutions for 2012:

  • Read the whole quran
  • Continue to learn more about Islam. Islam is absolutely amazing. So beautiful, so flawless[the religion]. I love learning something new about it everyday. I love the fact that Allah encourages us to ask questions. I love how peaceful this religion and way of life is. He’s so merciful, He just wants us to be the best we can be. Alhamdulah always.
  • InshAllah I’ll be a better Muslim, I’ll work on that till the day I die.
  • Do my 5 prayers a day instead of 2-3
  • Graduatewith my A.A. in May & transfer in the summer  [can’t wait 🙂 ]
  • Lose about 20 pounds and put on more muscle
  • Increase my lifting weight…yes I lift & I lift heavy, just like EVERYONE should! 😉

What are your resolutions?

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