All-American Muslim

Posted on December 25, 2011


I know a lot of muslims do not like the show All-American Muslim. I have heard people say it doesnt fully represent islam and most muslims. We’ll I like the show..a lot! lol. I dont think they were trying to find the non-existant “perfect muslim”. I think the whole point of the show is to show people muslims are just like you. I like the show & I like the cast, particularly Nawal & Nader Aoude. I love them guys lol. I think it’s great to show the struggles muslims go through because we all have them…it could be that Im biased because my family is from & lives in Dearborn,Michigan  😛

As for Lowe’s. Well, no matter how they try to spin it, they suck. I will not EVERY buy anything from Lowe’s ever again. Im kind of ashamed that crazy group is from florida but like Nawal said, their plan backfired. I think this whole bull has benefited the show instead of hurting it as they planned. And Nawal is right. We are all in this fight against extremist TOGETHER!

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