Racism is NOT cool!

Posted on December 24, 2011


You may not know but I am bi-racial. My mother is white(French & German) and my father is African-American. I am the ONLY non-fully-white person on my mother’s side and I dont know my father’s side of the family because he wont allow them to have contact with me (thats a WHOLE  ‘nother story lmao). The first non-white guy my mother ever dated was my father and like the saying goes lmao…once you go black you dont go back 😉 she has pretty much dated nothing but black guys since. My niece, who is the same age as me & has two children, also dates black guys. She actually met hebabies’ father when we were 13/14 and they’ve dated on/off since.

Well growing up in a small town, I mean where everyone knows everyone & you’re more famous than britney spearsit’s so small lol, there were a LOT of redneck racist. Actually when I was younger my sister used to tell me to go to bed at night before the KKK came and took me away (real nice right?!). Well, her and my grandmother are the worst. All they ever talk about is how my mother must not love herself because she dates “nothing but niggers” as my sister says. Normally, I just roll my eyes and brush it off. Well, I live with my grandmother(she cant be alone & she live RIGHT across the street from my school so..) and this past week atleast five or six times a day she makes some comment about my mom & black guys. Well today I was helping her and out of nowhere she says, “why does your mom like those colored guys so much? I mean what, she doesnt think she is good enough for white guys anymore?” and that was the straw that broke the camels back lol..


what you’re white…who cares! You being white has nothing to do with you. Just like the family you were born in or the country you born in..You had NOTHING to do with it. So why take pride in something you can’t control? Why are you better because you’re a certain skin tone(and I mean all, not just white people)?? When can people learn to judge you for your actions and your morals and not just your skin tone?? The world would be a much better place without this false sense of pride

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