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Posted on December 6, 2011


1) Are you a convert or born muslim? How about your parents?

2) What’s your ethnicity and how did it relate to how you were raised?

3) Where are you from, and if not the Middle East, have you been there? For how long and why?

4) What’s your favourite Arab/Middle Eastern dish?

5) What’s the most interesting or funny Islam/Arab related saying you use day to day?

6) What’s the most attractive and unattractive thing you find toward a Muslim or Arab man/woman?

7) Whats the thing you love most about Islam? What do you dislike the most?

8) What’s the most interesting/embarrassing/funny thing in your house that’s related to Islam or Arab culture, excluding the Quran?

9) Do you speak Arabic? If you do, then say something.

10) Name of all the Islamic Prophets you can remember at the top of your head. No Cheating!!

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