Truth about finding the truth

Posted on November 14, 2011


I feel as though the closer I get to the truth, the less company I have with me. My friends have begun to change. I have lost many who no longer understand me and I have gained few but the few are worth more than the many that I’ve lost. I’m seeing things differently. I’m reading different books. I’m not the same person I was yesterday, but that’s a good thing. If I don’t learn something new for one day that means an entire day was lost. My stomach is empty and is only being nourished by green tea and stale bread. I don’t know why the bread is stale, that is unintentional. But I haven’t got the time to make a great big dinner. When I’m in my grave I won’t be questioned about how big and fancy my meals were, rather if I ever fed the poor. I just want to learn. I seek the truth. I realize this means I might not have all the other things I’ve always wanted but now those things seem so unimportant and meaningless to me. When you see a real treasure you stop trying to attain little bits of change, metaphorically speaking. There is no financial gain in this. There is no paycheck once you find the truth. Finding the truth is not like winning the lottery. I won’t have nicer shoes or purses when I find it but the hunger in my soul will be satisfied. The thirst will be quenched. The longing for love and I don’t mean a man by my side to make love to me and tell me I’m pretty and spend time with me but I mean love as in loving myself to the extent where I know I’m pretty and I know I’m worthy and I know that any man who is in my presence is lucky and blessed to be beside me. The love that makes you so filled with happiness and bliss that you may never sleep without wearing a smile and every time you wake you will greet the Universe with good morning.

The truth about the truth is it’s waiting to be found and you’re sitting here waiting for it to find you. Take the initiative and seek it.