The Character of a Student in Islam

Posted on November 14, 2011


The HOLY PROPHET of Islam peace be upon him said :“Be alert surely Allah loves those who seek knowledge.”(Behar ul Anvar v : 1; p : 172, Alkafi v : 1)

“Any thing even fish in sea ask pardon for those who obtain knowledge.”Behar ul anvar v : 1 ; p : 171

“One of the best alms is learning knowledge then teaching to his brother.”Mohajjat ul baiza v : 1 ; p : 22

“Whoever goes out of his house to learn a branch of knowledge for doing then for teaching, ALLAH rewards him for each his step ALLAH’S reward of thousand year fasts and saying prayers.”Behar ul anvar V : 1 ; P : 166

“I swear by Allah that any one to and from to learn knowledge, Allah rewards him for any his step reward of worship on one year and makes a city to him in paradise.”Behar ul Anvar V : 1 ; P : 184

“ Keep knowledge with writing.”Behar ul anvar V : 77,61 ; P : 141,124

“ Whoever obtains knowledge is like who fasts everyday and says prayer night long.”Behar ul anvar V : 1 ; P : 184

“Angels love to become friend with them (knowledge seekers) and cares them with their wings.”Behar ul anvar V : 1 ; P : 166

“One step will be between whoever dies obtaining knowledge to revive Islam and prophets in paradise.”Behar ul anvar V : 1 ; P : 184

“O ABAZAR whoever goes out of his house to obtain a branch of knowledge, God gives him a city in paradise for listening or writing each letter.”Behar ul anvar V : 1 P : 178

“Allah, Angels and prophets love those who search knowledge and any one except lucky doesn’t like knowledge, then good for knowledge seeker on doomsday.”Behar ul anvar V : 1 P : 178

“Whoever loves to look at delivered man from hell by ALLAH, should look at those who search knowledge.”Behar ul anvar V : 1 P : 184, Mohajjat ul baiza V : 1 P : 18

“If knowledge is suspended from pleiad, surely some of Iranians get it.”Behar ul anvar V : 1 P : 195

IMAM ALI peace be upon him said:“Virtuous men in it (world) are people of virtue and they listen carefully to useful knowledge.”Nahj ul Balagha, sermon: 193

“O’ people! Know certainly accomplishment of religion is obtaining knowledge and doing accordingly.”Behar ul anvar V : 1 P : 175

“Whoever travels to obtain knowledge is like who strive hard in ALLAH’S way.”Behar ul anvar V : 1 P : 179

“O young nation; keep your honour by being polite and your religion by knowledge.”“Knowledge is more than what you can learn all of that, then learn the best one.”Ghorar ul Hekam

“Whoever doesn’t listen to Wiseman, his wisdom will die.”Behar ul anvar V : 1 P : 53

“The best one to be learned by teenagers is what they will need when become old.”Nahjol Balagha of ibne abal hadid V : 20 P : 333 “817 word”

“Obtaining knowledge on young hood is like to engrave on stone.”Safynat ul behar P : 680

“Student should be polite about gaining knowledge and should be tireless on learning and never imagine that his knowledge is much.”Ghurar ul Hekam.

“O believer surely this knowledge and courtesy are your price the try to learn them.If your knowledge and courtesy become much, your price will be high. Then you are led to your lord by knowledge and you can serve your lord with courtesy very well.”Behar ul anvar V : 1 ; P : 180

“Whoever doesn’t obtain knowledge on childhood will not be vanguard on old hood.”Ghorar ul hekam P:697

“More studying and thinking about knowledge, opens wisdom.”Behar ul anvar V:1 ; P:52

IMAM HASSAN MOJTABA peace be upon him invited his children and brothers then said :“Surely you are child now and soon will be old then seek knowledge, and whoever can not memorize it, should write and keep it in his house.”Mounyat ul moried P : 196

IMAM SAJJAD peace be upon him said:“If people know what is in knowledge, certainly will obtain it though with bloodshed and going to deep sea.”Behar ul anvar V:1 ; P:185

IMAM SAJJAD peace be upon him about teacher’s right said:“Students should:

1) Respect his/her teacher and his/her session. 2) Be eager to meet him/her. 3) Listen to him/her carefully. 4) Speak to him/her politely. 5) Not answer questions unless he/she is asked to. 6) Not talk and backbite any one before him.7) Conceal his/her faults.8) Express his/her goodness. 9) Not meet with who are against him/her.10) Behave well with his/her friends.If student observes the above statements, angels will certify that he/she learns his/her knowledge for sake of ALLAH not people.” Vasael ashiah V:11 P: 134, Behar ul anvar V:2 P: 42, Tohaf ul Uqool.

IMAM SADIQ peace be upon him said:“Keep your books well since you need them soon.”Behar ul anvar V:2 P:152

“Write knowledge since you can’t memorize unless with writing. Heart confides to written.”Alkafi V: 1, Behar ul anvar V: 1 P: 202

“Whoever obtains knowledge and acts accordingly then teaches for sake of ALLAH, is called in heavens in to the skies honorably.”Alkafi V: 1 P: 35, Behar ul anvar V: 2 P: 27

IMAM MOSA ALKAZEM peace be upon him said:“Conversation with learned men on dunghill is better then conversation with ignorant leaning on pillow on carpet.”Alkafi V; 1 P: 39

IMAM REZA peace be upon him said:“Knowledge is treasure and it’s keys are question.”Behar ul anvar V: 1 P: 198

IMAM MAHDI peace be upon him prayed for students:“O GOD please do students a favour and grace them to study with pleasure and effort.”

The HOLY PROPHET of Islam peace be upon him said:“Sleeping with knowledge is better than saying prayer with ignorance.”Behar ul anvar V: 1 P: 185

“Those who gain knowledge among ignorant men are who live among dead men.”Behar ul anvar V: 1 P: 181

“Those who obtain knowledge won’t die even enjoy his/her effort as much as they try.”Behar ul anvar V: 1 P: 177

“Obtaining knowledge is obligatory for any muslem.”Behar ul anvar V: 1 P: 177

“Bravo to those who seek knowledge; surely angels embrace them with their wings.”Behar ul anvar V: 1 P: 185

IMAM SADIQ peace be upon him said:“Behave humbly with your teacher.”Alkafi V: 1 P: 36

IMAM ALI peace be upon him said:“More thinking about what is learned make it constant and make man learn new theme.”Ghorar ul hekam V: 2 P: 695

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